Understanding Your Order's Tracking Information

Track Your Order: A Simplified Guide

Easily follow your package's journey with our straightforward tracking guide. Below is the meaning of each status you'll see on your tracking page:

A. Package Collected / Carrier Notified: We've prepared your package, and it's ready for pickup by the shipping carrier.

B. In Transit / Arrived at Carrier's Facility: Your package is either en route to, or has arrived at, a facility to prepare for its next travel stage.

C. Departed Facility / Export Cleared: Your package has left the shipping facility and cleared customs in its country of origin.

D. Arrived / Departed International Office: Your package is either at the point of exiting the origin country or already en route to your country.

E. Customs Clearance in Destination Country: The package is being processed through customs in your country. This status may update several times due to different checks.

F. Arrived at Local Hub / In Transit: The package has reached a major hub in your country and is progressing towards delivery.

G. Sorting Center Processing / Carrier Notified: Your package is being sorted for local delivery. The local delivery service is now aware and preparing for the final delivery stage.

H. Out for Delivery / Delivered: The package is on its way to your doorstep or has been successfully delivered.

Certainly! Here's the updated section with the direct link to CAINIAO's tracking service and the additional information about tracking number usage:

Special Notes:

CAINIAO Logistics:

CAINIAO Logo Identification: CAINIAO is our logistics service partner. On desktops, you'll find their blue logo on the right side of the tracking page. On mobile devices, you might need to scroll down as it's placed below the tracking log. Clicking this logo or visiting CAINIAO's tracking page directly will give you detailed tracking information.

Transition to Local Delivery:

Received by Local Delivery Company / Second Carrier Notified: This status means your package has been transferred to a local delivery company for the final leg of delivery. A second tracking number is often generated at this point.

Tracking Numbers Explained:

Dual Tracking Numbers:

  • Availability: The majority of orders will have two tracking numbers. The second tracking number becomes active when the package is received in the United States.

  • Original Tracking Number: This number continues to provide updates, which complement the details provided by the second tracking number.

  • Accessing Second Tracking Number:

    • Click the blue CAINIAO square on our tracking page or enter your original tracking number on CAINIAO's tracking site.
    • Two tracking numbers will be displayed at the top of CAINIAO's page.
    • The second tracking number will be marked as "Latest:" in parenthesis.
  • Carrier Information:

    • The CAINIAO tracking page will specify the local carrier, usually USPS.
    • If USPS is the carrier, a direct link for tracking your order with them will be available.
    • For other carriers like PiggyShip, copy the second tracking number and track it on the carrier's own tracking system.

CAINIAO Tracking Page Explained

Welcome to your detailed guide to understanding the CAINIAO tracking information. Here’s what you’ll see on the CAINIAO tracking page for your order:

  1. Tracking Overview:

    • At the top, you'll notice the status of your delivery, such as "Delivered" along with the total transit time.
    • The latest tracking number will be displayed here as well. This is the number provided by the local carrier that took over the delivery once your package entered the United States.
  2. Tracking Progress Timeline:

    • The timeline offers a visual representation of your package's journey from Mainland China to the USA, indicating key locations such as the departure point, the destination country, and the final delivery location.
  3. Detailed Tracking Events:

    • Package Delivered: This indicates the final status. You'll see the local carrier responsible for the delivery (e.g., USPS) and their contact number.
    • Received by Local Delivery Company: This is when your package has been transferred to the local carrier. The note here confirms the handover.
    • Departed from Customs: Shows when your package has left customs in the destination country.
    • Arrived at Linehaul Office: Indicates the package has reached a sorting center that organizes international shipments.
    • Import Customs Clearance Complete: Your package has passed through customs in the destination country and is cleared for further transit.
  4. Carrier Information and Contact:

    • The local carrier's logo (e.g., USPS) and contact information will be visible, providing you with a direct line for any delivery queries.
  5. Copying Tracking Details:

    • A 'Copy details' option is available for you to easily copy the tracking information, should you need to share it or keep it for your records.

Note: For the most up-to-date and detailed information, always refer to the latest tracking number provided by the local carrier, which is USPS in most cases. If your local carrier is PiggyShip or another service, you may need to manually enter the tracking number into their tracking system to receive update