Dispute Policy

Dispute Policy for Gotham's Legacy


Shipping, Handling, and Delivery Protocol

A) Order Processing Efficiency: We prioritize swift dispatch, ensuring orders leave our premises within 72 hours or three business days.

Complimentary Standard Shipping: Our free shipping delivers your purchases within 14 business days, not accounting for processing time, potential customs delays, weekends, or holidays.

Accelerated Shipping Solution: Opt for our expedited service for delivery in 10-12 business days, exclusive of order preparation, customs procedures, weekends, and holidays. This premium option guarantees quicker processing and customs facilitation.

Tracking Transparency: Initially, tracking updates for international shipments may be sparse. Full tracking information becomes accessible upon entry into the United States and subsequent handover to USPS or local delivery partners.

Address Accuracy Accountability: Gotham's Legacy transfers responsibility for accurate shipping information to the customer. Packages undeliverable due to incorrect or incomplete addresses are not under our liability.

Product Dispatch and Delivery Specifics

Missing Items in Order: Items may be shipped separately if they are not available in the same warehouse, leading to different arrival times (usually within a 2-3 day difference). If an item is not available in the U.S., it will be shipped from the nearest foreign warehouse, which may take an additional week or longer in rare cases.

Address Accuracy and Correction

Customer Obligation: Accuracy in providing shipping details is crucial. Gotham's Legacy disclaims responsibility for delivery issues stemming from erroneous address information.

Return, Exchange, and Dispute Handling

Return Policy Enforcement: We accept returns and exchanges within a 7-day window post-receipt, provided items are in their original state.

Complimentary Return Review: We offer free returns, subject to evaluation for misuse.

Policy Adherence: Our 7-day return timeframe is strictly enforced to maintain operational efficiency and fairness. Prompt inspection of purchases is advised.

Preferred Dispute Resolution: We advocate for direct resolution of issues. Unsettled disputes may be escalated internally and, if necessary, through legal avenues.

Preventive Measures and Legal Framework

Proactive Contact Requirement: Customers are required to reach out to us prior to initiating any chargebacks with their bank. Chargebacks on items in transit, without subsequent return, will be considered theft, potentially leading to legal action.

Address Accuracy: It is imperative that customers provide complete and accurate shipping details. Gotham's Legacy is absolved from liability due to address-related delivery issues.

Return Policy Acknowledgment: Disputes aimed at circumventing our return policy will be rejected, as customers read and agreed to these terms upon purchase.

Legal Proceedings: Should we have grounds to believe that disputes or chargebacks have been initiated in an attempt to circumvent our terms and conditions, we reserve the right to pursue legal action.

Jurisdiction and Policy Modification

Governing Law: This policy is subject to the laws of California, United States.

Amendment Rights: Gotham's Legacy reserves the right to update this policy, with significant changes communicated to our customers.

Consent and Compliance: By placing an order with Gotham's Legacy, customers consent to adhere to our dispute resolution policy, underscoring our commitment to fairness and the integrity of our operations.